Oscar Contest 2006
That’s it folks; entries have officially closed! You can follow along and see how well you did here. We ended up with 597 entries in total! Good luck…

Can those of you with TiVo leave a comment with the number of dead people? Thanks.

Later: Clooney? Well, that was a little unexpected.

Later still: Dude! “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp”?! Now that broke the deadlock.

Much later: It looks like we have a winner! In sole first place with ALL TWELVE CORRECT is Craig, who put his entry in a mere ten minutes before the show started. (Which sounds dodgy, I know, but as far as I can tell he’s legit.) So congratulations, Craig! You’ll be getting an e-mail from me shortly. Thanks to everyone who played along this year. You may now commence grumbling about Crash winning Best Picture…


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  1. He’s just so cool. About the most regular person I think probably exists in Hollywood. Is it all just a great act or do you really think he’s that down to Earth?

  2. I don’t have tivo, but I counted 32

  3. I didn’t record it, but by my count, there were 32 people in this year’s Parade of the Dead.

  4. 32 AND NO DON KNOTTS!!!!

  5. Who would have even THOUGHT it? Damn. Strong work to the group who pulled that one out.

  6. don knotts died this year, he’ll be remembered at the 79th academy awards.

  7. I seem to remember people dying in the same year of the oscar broadcast and still making the tribute, though. Strange omission, I say.

  8. Well done, especially to the live viewers! You guys rock.

  9. whoa, some big upsets.

  10. yep, shelley winters died this year, i guess she just made it in under the wire. perhaps they had already edited this together a few weeks ago and didn’t have time to change it, or there is some “2-week prior” DEADline or something. heh-heh… deadline…

  11. Grumble, grumble…

    That’s my official statement on the “Crash” win.

    Best line of the night (out of many good ones–kudos to Jon Stewart for pulling off a great hosting job): “Martin Scorsese: 0 Oscars; Three Six Mafia: 1.”

  12. I don’t get it. I’m so out of the loop over here. Who are the Three Six Mafia?

  13. Kris, it’s unaware people like you who truly make it hard out there for a pimp! 🙂

    They’re from Memphis, and while I don’t like that “…Pimp” song, I have to admit that their 2005 single “Stay Fly” is pretty great. They’ve been around a while, I think–my students were singing that “Sippin’ on Some Syrup” song by them years ago.

    And I mis-typed it up there: It’s “Three 6 Mafia,” apparently. Oh, wait–make that “OSCAR WINNERS Three 6 Mafia.” Crazy ol’ world!

  14. I think I managed to get them all wrong. tell me I didn’t pick the penguins…

  15. Ditto on the Crash grumble.

    There should be a special prize for the two people with zero correct!

  16. Just want to say how amazed I am that I won. I’d first like to thank all the little people that made this happen. I also went to an Oscar party and won first place with 18 out of 21 correct. With the $5 entry fee for the pool, I raked in $85, but it can’t possibly measure up to the gay sock monkeys that I won here! Thanks!

  17. Jon Stewart did win on his hosting; loved the political humor (or humour over in Oz) and the three 6 mafia jokes. Just for posterity: Jeff and I won big points for dressing as gay cowboys (or shepherds) at the Oscar party we attended. (We consistently exploit the loophole in the “dress up” note on the invite).

  18. And Beau – I think George really is that down to earth. I’ve gushed about him before. Love him!

  19. Kris,
    Thanks for another amazing Oscar contest. You’re the Goddess in more ways than one. It really makes the Oscars fun when I’ve got this kind of participation going on. Any way next year I can contribute something cheesy and perfect to the Winner’s Booty Haul? I’m thinking something like a knitted Oscar cozy or some such thing.

  20. Beau, that would be fantastic! Just remind me in ten months when I start thinking about this again… 🙂

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