iTunes Script

Wow. I just found a helpful script that will create an iTunes playlist for you with the songs truncated to specific times so when you’re doing your running workout, you know when your run/walk intervals end. How cool is that? Too bad it’s only for friggin’ Windows.


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  1. This should be pretty easy to accomplish for Macs via Applescript. If I wasn’t feverishly trying to get a thesis together, I would take a stab at it…

  2. I was thinking that, but I don’t have much Applescript experience. I may try to get a book or something…

  3. Okay, after you posted this link I started to get obsessed with it so I asked the helpful elves at Apple’s discussion support forums to help me write a version for Mac users, and they totally pulled through. Here’s the link to the Applescript, and it works like a charm!

    Thanks for the originaly link!

  4. THAT ROCKS! Such a good idea, Brittanie. Thanks for that!

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