An Experiment
This week dozens of “Absolut Kravitz” posters popped up in Sydney. I noticed several of them on my way to work Monday. They show Lenny Kravitz with a headphone cord wrapped around him, and there’s a line of text at the bottom with a website address. It was only as I was passing my third or fourth one that I realized that a few of them – notably not the ones on the automatic rollers – actually have three little headphone jacks built in. “Huh,” I thought. “I wonder if there’s actually an mp3 player in there or something.” So on my way home last night, I decided to pay the price of looking foolish and assuage my curiosity. I unplugged the iPod and plugged in. They do play music! All three seem to be playing the same song. I wonder how they do that. Must have cost them a bundle. But anyway, Sydneysiders now apparently have a free source of Kravitz should they feel the need to rock out in the middle of the footpath.


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  1. absolutkravitz.com has the song and other odds and ends.

  2. We’ve got them in Brisbane too. They are mostly at bus stops, but neither of us dared to try to plug in — but it’s sort of a revolutionary idea… considering when we miss our first bus, we usually have to wait at least 15 minutes for the next one.

  3. See, bus stops is a much better idea. So far the ones I’ve seen in Sydney are in high foot-traffic areas, but they’re on standalone signs where you’re not likely to stop and hang out for a while.

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