The Snook is a bit anal about rinsing all the cans and jars we intend to recycle. I’m lazy so I’m not. Turns out that it doesn’t really matter, so I win!


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  1. I’ll go into bat for the Snook (a fellow brother in anal retentiveness). According to Marrickville council, it’s called going “that extra step”. It makes it a more efficient process and use of resources to clean your recyclables, at least in the case of Marrickville Council, as the recycling company, Visy, use labourers to remove impurities and non-recyclables by hand (from glass recyclables).

  2. Interesting link, Hank. Perhaps I should go “that extra step.” Although in my defense, I do often sort the obvious recyclables that my ass-clown neighbours chuck in the trash bins. They’re even lazier than me!

    And hey, I also notice that you can recycle all your plastic, while our bin specifies only 1 or 2. We’ve been chucking everything else. I wonder if our bin is mislabelled…

  3. It all really depends on what your council does (Sydney City I believe?), as it does vary between different councils.

    Marrickville is quite good in that area IMO, but I have no idea about Clover – I’m surprised to hear Sydney City doesn’t recycle as much plastics.

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