More Media Whoring!

The Kris Howard Media Onslaught Continues
We just got a call from Channel 7, and apparently they need someone to go on Sunrise tomorrow to teach the anchor Mel how to knit. Guess who got the job? I hope I’m skinny enough for the morning show! (If any other Sydneysiders are interested in joining me, they need more people knitting in the background. Of course, you’d have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn…)


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  1. what time sparrows fart?

  2. I can’t knit, but I can certainly get up early to watch it!

  3. Any chance you can tape it for those of us who won’t be home to catch it, Kris?

  4. Are you kidding? I’m sure the Snook will have a Quicktime movie up later tomorrow night… 🙂

  5. Let’s hope Kochie doesn’t tell you about his regular Wednesday night sex like he did this morning. I am still shuddering.

  6. Kris – well, I didn’t want to assume. 😉 Look forward to seeing it!

  7. Mel is an blithering idiot. She will probably end up stabbing herself in the eye with one of the needles and then break down into a fit of giggles. I kid you not, she’s that dumb.

  8. remember Kris his name is Kochie (pronounced KOSH-ee), the blonde is Mel and the dark haired lady is Nat.

  9. i hardly recognised you, Kris! wow!! (wait, that WAS you in the pink, right?)

  10. Wow, really? Yeah, that was me. I was trying not to look at myself in the monitor. It’s weird; based on a few quick glances I thought I looked like my old (fat) self. Maybe I just saw a little and my brain filled in the rest. I’ll have to watch it tonight and see.

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