Paralyzed with Horror

Oh no. I just discovered that Television Without Pity has posted a recap of my most horrific childhood memory, also known as “that episode of Little House where Ma gets an infection and almost amputates her own leg.” I watched it once when I was, like, 8, and it has haunted my nightmares ever since. I’m not kidding. I haven’t even been able to bring myself to read past the first page of the recap. And I wasn’t even a regular Little House viewer!


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  1. “Doc says that Ma was brave, and that if she hadn’t opened the cut when she did, she probably would have lost her leg, and maybe her life. Wait, so she never intended to cut her leg off? She was just going to open the wound? I don’t think I ever knew that until now.”

    of course that’s on the last page of the recap….

  2. Huh. Really? I didn’t know that either. I must have vomited or blacked out before that little denouement.

  3. One of the most traumatic episodes for me was when Mary lost her eyesight…

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