Beer plumbing

The Snook hasn’t gotten his kegerator plumbing fully operational yet, but maybe this story will give him some inspiration. (No, I am not suggesting you make beer come out the faucets, dear…)


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  1. LOL, I showed that to Josh earlier and I swear I must have heard the cogs in his head moving faster! This morning I was informed of the latest plans for his one-day-to-come beer brewing room.

  2. Ah, a room? The Snook dreams about a shed. I think that’s why he wants to buy a place so badly. So he can put a shed in it. He needs a man place.

  3. A shed in FL is not a safe place for beer. LOL. This would have to be the central most room probably.

    Snook is going to end up like my grandfather, but with more beer. He put a giant shed in their backyard years ago. It has tv (sat and cable), computer, phone, a/c, fridge etc. It is his man place.

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