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Well, there we are… (minus Miss Fee, of course, who is taking the picture). As soon as we arrived this morning they told us that they weren’t going to be able to chat with us after all, due to time constraints. Getting bumped is now the story of my media career! (I suppose it’s to be expected given that my appearances usually fall under the category of “human interest” stories, aka “filler.”) So they stuck us in the same little room where we knitted with Nuala and cut back to us several times throughout the show. Apparently Mel and Kochie were arguing with the producers the whole time about coming up to see us, and eventually the “talent” won out. I got to sit next to Kochie! He really is a giant. (And no, he didn’t tell me about his Wednesday night adventures, Robert.) And that’s basically it. Oh, but that bit where they were marveling at the person knitting the “tube”? That was me, working on the Snook’s next sweater. So it ended up being pretty boring in the end, but we’ll see if we can’t get some video up for those of you who missed it…

Update: The Snook just sent me an awesome screengrab. I actually look really good! It’s so weird; that’s not what I thought I looked like at all. I’d only glanced at the monitor and I think my brain filled in the details with my old self-image. That’s AWESOME. And man, I should get a commission for advertising those Crocs!


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  1. Wow; you look amazing! Are those a pair of the new pants? They look great!

  2. They are! Thank you for noticing. 🙂

  3. You look great! When I first saw the photo I didn’t recognise you straight away.

  4. OMG—you look aMAZing, Kris! You must be at your goal weight now, yeah?

  5. you look fabulous, darling!

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