Beware the Ides of March!

Beware the Ides of March! Yep, it’s my birthday. I’m now the same age as my Grandma!


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  1. Happy birthday! (and stay away from the Senate floor.)

  2. happy birthday sweetie
    hope you have a great day

  3. Happy Birthday! I was going to send a “Carnation Gram” to celebrate, but alas, I was unable to find an idiot selling carnations for $3 a pop that would also hand deliver it to you. Seriously, you look great and I bet you feel even better. You deserve to celebrate! Have a good one.

  4. Ideas of March hehe.

  5. Happy Birthday! 😀

  6. Happy damn birthday, bastard! So Gram’s 29, too, huh? That’s so funny- mine is, too!

  7. Happy Birthday! (^o^)/

  8. Happy Birthday!!

  9. Thanks everybody! And yeah, Grandma Vee’s been 29 for as long as I can remember… 🙂

    (I always think “Happy damn birthday, bastard” too whenever anyone has a b-day, Reen. Too, too funny. I miss Fair!)

  10. Happy Birthday, Kris–from this angle, it looks like you’ve had an amazing year (you certainly *look* amazing). I hope you have a ton more ahead of you! All the best…

  11. Oh my gosh. I just now realized that it said “Ideas of March.” I somehow missed that all day! (The Snook would like it noted that he actually had to point it out to me.)

  12. Happy Birthday!!! And I just talked to Amy too!!!!!!!!!!!!


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