Learning How to Run

Learning How to Run. Yeah, I need to go for a run tonight. Unfortunately my birthday dinner triggered a weeklong food depression in which I’m still mired. I’ve been really tired for days – like, sleepy tired – and I’m stuffing my face with carbs. I haven’t even bothered tracking my Points. This is BAD, y’all. I know in my brain that all the rich food I had last week was the culprit, yet I’m still having trouble snapping out of this. (Needless to say, I didn’t weigh in last night.) Anybody have any words of wisdom for nipping a shame spiral in the bud? (Running link courtesy of Brigita.)


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  1. Other than the run (which will make you feel tons better) maybe try replacing some of the bad carbs with some yummy, crunchy apples? We bought one of those corer/slicer gadgets last fall and increased our consumption a good 300%. So handy.

  2. As you’ve both said, just lace up those shoes and get out there and moving. There’s nothing like a run to cure those eaten-too-much-sugar-crash-blues. (I realize how hard it is to get going, but once you’re going, you’re good).

    And just like you’re having success at WW with your peer support, finding a running buddy might be a fun way to get those runs in.

  3. Thanks for the advice, girls. I actually finally feel *awake* today, which is a big improvement. (I guess a couple of nine-hour sleeps did the trick.) And feeling awake just gives me so much more energy. I’ve already asked Albert to go on a run with me tonight, so hopefully that will blast away the remaining cobwebs.

    Another factor is probably that this is the first week that really feels like Autumn here, and I always have a hard time adjusting to grey skies and rain. It’s also getting to be too dark to get up early and go for a run. So I stay snuggled in bed for an extra hour… and that leaves me groggy and hibernatey all day. I’m actually looking forward to the end of Daylight Savings so I can see some sunlight when I wake up!

  4. I’m looking forward to Daylight Savings so that it’s a little darker in the mornings, at least for a week or so. It’s light now by ~ 6 am, so that’s when the kitties get very aggressive about wanting their breakfast NOW! 🙁 This is the one downside to longer days..

  5. You had a birthday, of course you’re going to have fun, over-indulge and not count your points. You don’t have to be 100% true to Weight Watchers every single day of your life Kris.

    I always find it useful to put a time-limit on, eg, I’m going to have fun, eat what I want, take a break until Friday, then it’s back on track. And make a plan for what you’re going to do the next day – exercise, what you’re going to eat etc, etc. Well that’s how I handle it anyway.

  6. I know, and I don’t feel guilty at all about enjoying myself on my birthday. (That’s definitely a positive. I used to feel totally guilty about that stuff.) I feel guilty about the fact that my plan to start back up after a break didn’t really, uh, “happen.” It sorta just fell apart. So it’s not the taking a break that’s the issue; it’s the coming back afterwards. That’s why I get kinda anxious about sticking with the Program. It’s so hard for me to get started again that it’s easier to just not tempt Fate.

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