HA! I take it back. The Bush twins are not Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. They’re more like Paris and Nikki Hilton.


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  1. oooh…that’s rough. that paris girlie is one scary chick.

  2. And how silly is it that her NAME is a HOTEL? I’m not sure that even a life of silver spoons and extravagance could make up for such a parental mistake.

  3. is that her real last name? but then you have to figure that the hilton hotel chain had to be named after something or someone…

  4. Well, they’re basically the heiresses to the Hilton hotel fortune, I understand. But I still think it’s dumb that they named her Paris.

  5. well, that’s just a given ‘cuz rich people are DUM

  6. Ahhh. Rich people are dumb? How did they get there in the first place? Do you think they all get rich from inheritance? You seem to be the dumb one here.

  7. hey JT, thanks joining the discussion! you’re only about three months late.

    anyhow, i’m guessing you missed my irony-slash-sarcasm regarding that point since i misspelled the word “dumb” on purpose.

    but thanks for playing! we have some lovely parting gifts for you…

  8. Eh, don’t feel the troll. He’s probably one of the idiots who hits my site looking for “Paris Hilton nude” on Google.

  9. you’re right…my bad.

  10. I wish assholes would realize that if they piss me off, I’m gonna delete their posts. I guess if they’re so dumb they include their e-mail addresses, I can’t expect much. Oh, and Tyler – I’ve got your IP address and I’m not afraid to use it. Go back to trawling Google for porn and leave us grown-ups the hell alone.

  11. i was just killing time and all you people who make fun of and complain about “rich people” simply do so because of a little stigma called, jealousy. if you could have billions of dollars, look and live like they do, you’d be thrilled with the name paris hilton. envy is such an ugly trait.

  12. Wow. Thanks for pointing out the error of our ways! I thought I disliked the Hiltons because they were airhead society bimbo heiresses who don’t use their fame and fortune for anything useful. Now I see that I was just jealous. What piercing insight you have into my soul.

    (Sarcasm aside, we didn’t make fun of all rich people, idiot. We mocked two particularly silly rich people. I’ve got no problem with Paul McCartney or Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey. They’re not idiots. Besides, how do you know that we’re not all rich ourselves?)

  13. Only if you have the proper license. 🙂

  14. *sigh* so if we hate the rich, we’re jealous, and if we love the rich, we’re evil? great.

    how about the observation that people who drop in on a discussion post well after the discussion ended, only to offload their own particular brand of trolling are DUM? i think that should be something we can all agree on – well the non-DUM readers, anyway.

  15. Troll, troll, troll. Deleted. But thanks for gettin’ my back there, Kristen. 🙂

  16. And for the record, Bill Gates is the biggest philanthropist on the planet. (That means he gives away the most money to charity, idiot.) I still think his software is crap, but I respect anybody who gives away hundreds of millions of dollars to make the world a better place. Now compare and contrast that with Ms. Hilton, whose biggest claims to fame right now (aside from her b00bs) are A) starring in a reality television show and B) answering her cell phone in the middle of a night-vision sex tape she made with Shannen Doherty’s ex when she was 19. Do you not see the distinction?

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