Trail Note

Trail Note
Not to make this all “RunningBlog” or anything, but you will not believe what I did today. I ran two laps around Centennial Park – that’s 7.6km – WITH MY HUSBAND. Yes, the Snook actually ran. Those of you who don’t know him do not understand the magnitude of my surprise. I have known him for six years now, and I have never seen him run farther than half a block without complaining of heart palpitations. Turns out he’s been holding out on me this whole time! It all started a few weeks ago when I suggested he come to the park with me and walk a lap or two, and he said he thought he should get some actual running shoes. Being a tight-arse, though, he wanted to go to Kmart and get $20 trainers. Since I really didn’t see where this was going, I agreed. (He nearly chickened out at the last minute. “I’ll have three pairs of shoes! I’m becoming a metrosexual!”) That day at the park, I ran my lap while he walked behind me. Afterwards he confessed that he’d jogged about a fifth of a lap when no one was looking. So today he came along with me to ostensibly do some more walking. “Let’s have a bit of a jog,” I said, “and you tell me if you need to stop.” And we did two laps! We stopped probably about every kilometer or so to take a quick walk break, but our total time for the two laps was a decent 53 minutes. He even pushed me a bit since his natural pace is a little bit faster than mine. I just still can’t quite believe it. “You’re caught out now,” I said. “You’re going to have to do this all the time!” “I suppose,” he said. “We’re going to become those people.” I guess we are. I finally have a running buddy. SQUEEEEEE!

And yes, the first thing on the To Do list is to get him some better shoes.

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  1. Are you sure nobody was chasing him? Kidding. That’s great- you should totally rope him in. A good running buddy is hard to find.

  2. His shoes comment cracks me up. Did he really just have 2 pairs of shoes before? Winter pair and summer pair? Dress up and dress down? Black and brown? Sure makes for easy packing, I suppose.

    (I’m about as low-maintenance as an American woman can get about shoes, but I do have 3 pairs of running shoes alone).

  3. Black boots and brown boots. (He also has a pair of dress shoes for weddings and funerals, and a pair of flip-flops. He says those don’t count.)

  4. He is so right. Men don’t need a lot of shoes! (womens need shoes). But when you are jogging you must have the best shoes you can find.

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