Rogue Nervousness: I’ve been knitting like a fiend all week and I’ve finished the body up to the arm holes. I’m a little nervous. It looks so small! I know my measurements were good and that it’s just that the cables are pulling in a lot, but it’s weird to knit something for myself that isn’t the size of a blanket. Also, the foldover stocking stitch hem I did seems to be curling up. Do you guys think it will block down flat? Claudia‘s looks so flat in the picture. Lastly, my row gauge was still coming out tighter – seven rows instead of six – so I worked out that I needed to add in another 14 rows to make the body the right length. Unfortunately the cable repeat is six rows… so I erred on the side of making it longer and went with three extra repeats. Now that I’ve finished it though… it looks like somehow I’ve managed to come out an inch-and-a-half too long! I’m going to leave it though. I’ve got plenty of yarn and I’m tall, so I’m going to trust that it’ll work out in the end. I’ll post a picture tomorrow.


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  1. How much is it curling? Mine did it a bit and the blocking helped.

    If you need a cheat sheet for the hood cable grafting, there is one at It made the grafting brainless for me. I shall forever sing her praises. lol

  2. It’s pretty much flipping straight up. I’m annoyed. I actually did the hem on my gauge swatch just to test it out and it laid flat just fine, presumably because it’s thin enough that the edges force it flat. I hope it blocks out.

    Thanks for the cheat sheet. It’s pretty much exactly the method I usually use for grafting the armpits of jumpers-in-the-round (which I learned from Jacqueline Fee’s “The Sweater Workshop”). It’s nice to have it all written out in a form I’ll be able to tick off though!

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