Rogue Hood

Check out DeskCam. Rogue’s got a hood!


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  1. Oooooh, purty. How does it fit so far?

  2. Actually so far so good! Definitely snug but that’s what you get when you knit the size with no ease. 🙂

    I did make one flub. There’s a cable crossing in the hood on both sides where I crossed right instead of left. I didn’t notice it for about ten rows. I was going to frog it back… except hoods take a loooong time to knit, you know? So I figured that’s my Amish mistake. I asked the Snook if he could see it and he pointed to something entirely different (and correct) so I figure it’s not a big issue.

  3. It look’s great. More pictures, please.
    You really can knit something like that?
    Now i must think knitting other way i do
    normally, you are artist.

  4. gorgeous, I got a glimpse of it on saturday, but didn’t get to admire it in person, next time!

  5. It didn’t have the hood on Saturday, actually. I was still trying to figure out the darn three-needle cast-off for the shoulders! 🙂 But you’ll definitely see it next time…

  6. You can fix a mis-crossed cable without frogging the whole damn thing, you know. Just take the cabled stitches off the needle and pull them down to the mistake. Then redo each row carefully back up. Sometimes it’s a bit loose at the edge of the cable after this, but you just give it a pull and it will all sink back into place in time.

    It looks great – you will get so much wear out of this.

  7. I’ve done that before, M-H, but this one was so far down – and below subsequent crosses of the cable – that I figured it wouldn’t save me much time. Plus I did it on both sides so at least it matches. I figured this would make mine unique! (Maybe I’ll make it a habit to include one mis-crossed cable on each of my garments. It’ll be like a signature.)

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