Trail Note

I headed off to the track again last night despite some misgivings about the warm, humid weather (it was, like, 85 yesterday!) and my level of congestion. I didn’t do too badly though. I remembered my pedometer/timer this time so I can state with confidence that I ran eight kilometers (twenty laps) in 53 minutes. That equates to a speed of about 9km/hr, and a 10K time of 66:15. Not bad! My 5K split was 32 minutes, so I did slow down a bit towards the end. (I don’t think my speed dropped; it’s just that I started taking walk breaks.) I’d say that this was actually a pretty comfortable pace for me. Is that a good thing though? I keep remembering The Biggest Loser a few nights ago when Bob kept telling the contestants that he wanted to push them OUT of their comfort zones. But without the trappings of race day (or a running partner with a faster pace), I find it difficult to push myself to that degree. As it was, I considered continuing on for the 10K, but my legs were dead and my left shin started feeling sore, so I decided not to kill myself racking up the miles. It’ll happen.


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  1. Yesterday was weird – it was very warm, with a warm wind, but it actually wsasn’t humid at all – the wind sucked the moisture out. The humidity was around 45% at 6pm, according to the BOM. Don’t push yourself too much, especially if you’re feeling pain. The people on TBL are under careful supervision!

  2. It felt humid running around a track though! Maybe it was just the radiating warmth from the sun.

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