DietBlog: I did have a loss! A teensy one. 100g. Which means I basically stayed the same for the second week in a row. I’m actually really positive about that. I mean, I’m so close to goal anyway, and the ultimate objective is not to lose weight for the rest of my life, right? It’s to get to my desired weight and then STOP. So the fact that I’m discovering how to balance my lifestyle can only be a good thing. I would still like to lose another kilo this month (only so I can enter the Slimmer of the Year competition) but I’m trying hard not to get caught up in how long this process takes.


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  1. That’s exactly right – being able to maintain is the most important part! You’re doing great, Kris!

  2. I was actually thinking, when I read your earlier post, that you didn’t need to be so concerned about big losses since you’re trying to maintain (and maybe lose a little more just for yourself). I think that would be the hardest part to master, so congrats on a great job!

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