Well of course somebody’s going to get more excited about a DVD player than chocolates. A DVD player costs, like, five hundred bucks, while chocolates are, like, two-fitty. Now, if the comparison were between a DVD player and $500 worth of chocolate, THAT would be an interesting experiment. (Link courtesy of Sore Eyes.)


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  1. I dunno. I think I’d still go for the gadget even if the values were even. But then, I already *know* I’m a gadget freak. (He said, having been interrupted while typing this very entry by his Palm beeping at him to remind him to upload his latest weblog update before The West Wing starts.)

  2. Well, really, I just made the argument to point out the flaw in the original survey. Personally, I’d take the gadget every time. (This is from a girl whose boyfriend’s last gifts to her were, respectively: Mac OSX, a Star Wars game, and a GameBoy Color. That’s why he’s the best.) 🙂

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