We’ve had a very busy weekend. Saturday…

  • I went to the Inner City Knitter’s Guild meeting.
  • Snookums got the final component for his kegerator and hooked it all up. He then dumped out about 90% of his bottled homebrew stock, reckoning that quality is better than quantity.
  • I cleaned out our fridge, pantry, and cupboards, throwing out everything out-of-date and wiping them down.
  • We did at least half a dozen loads of laundry.
  • We finally organized our office, unearthing carpet for the first time in a year.
  • We took two massive suitcases of clothing up to the Salvation Army store. All the fat clothes are gone now!
  • We made about a dozen trips out to the recycling center, dropping off hundreds of beer bottles, cardboard boxes, and other assorted junk. As the Snook put it, “we could’ve filled a dumpster.”
  • We went out to dinner at Mylos Greek restaurant in Glebe. Yum!


  • I went for an hour-long jog. Felt pretty slow though. (Must’ve been the Greek food.)
  • Amy and Rob came over to serve as Cat Taxi. Dr. Amy Jones got her annual injection and had her mystery bald spot inspected. Unfortunately the vet was stumped. It doesn’t seem serious though.
  • All four of us went out to Rhodes to the big IKEA. The Snook and I had planned to get a cheap futon… but Amy talked us into this. (We actually got a denim cover. DENIM! It’s so wonderfully daggy.) We also got four shelving units and a shoe rack.
  • While the boys took the furniture home, Amy and I went shopping. She got a new dress and I got two pairs of SIZE FOURTEEN jeans. *dance of joy* I also got some Easter supplies for my little brother’s visit.
  • We came home and assembled all the furniture.
  • I spent some time trying to finagle the angle of CouchCam so you can see both couches, but it’s just not happening with this crappy little camera.
  • We made a lovely chicken pot pie for dinner.
  • We registered for a RACE! (More on that in a minute.)

So I think we’re pretty much set for the Royal Visit. The Garbericks are getting here in… holy crap… like five days!