The Great Egg Debate

The Great Egg Debate
All right, let’s settle this. Poll’s down there on the right. You know what to do.


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  1. I voted for in the fridge, but that’s just cos we’ve got nowhere else to put them. prior to our fridge, they live under our friend’s chickens, then in a basket out on their kitchen counter. I distinctly remember the two fat ladies being horrified at people who put their eggs in the fridge.

  2. Kris! I wish your survey was in two parts: one for americans and one for australians!

  3. Are eggs like tomatoes in that refrigeration affects the taste/texture/etc?

  4. No, they just suck up flavors, so you’re supposed to keep them in the carton (as opposed to putting them in the nifty little egg holders on the door). We have a book that we use whenever we have questions about what should be refriderated and what can be left out; it’s amazing how many things you do just because you did them growing up!

  5. I’m coming in late on this… but I voted for the fridge. I had one too many times of the cat jumping into the eggs on the counter. There’s nothing like egg paw prints all over the floor when you come home.

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