Annette Rocks

I know you’re all on tenterhooks waiting to hear how our new cleaner is working out (after the whole Nurgul debacle). I’m happy to report that Annette ROCKS. Our kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms have never been more hygienic. Last night I had the happy experience of repeatedly finding secret, non-obvious places that she’s cleaned that I didn’t expect (like under the sink, and around the silverware drawer, and on top of the water heater). I feel like Jerry Seinfeld (except that Annette hasn’t stolen any tchotchkes). The only slight weirdness is that we get the feeling she’s trying to, uh, correct certain things that we do. Like, we normally keep the eggs out on the counter. Yet when Annette first came, she put them in the fridge. Okay, we’ll keep the eggs in the fridge. She moved our rubbish bin in the kitchen; I guess she thought the new place was better for it. (We’re lazy so we left it there.) Yesterday’s discovery was that she’d switched off a bunch of the power outlets in the house. (Australian outlets all have a little switch next to them. I have no idea why; it’s probably some safety thing.) The kettle, the toaster, the microwave, my hair dryer… all switched off. I guess she thinks we’re a fire risk. And lastly, I went to heat up some chili in the microwave last night, and I suddenly realized that the bread was missing. We usually keep our loaves of homemade bread in the microwave as a soft of poor man’s bread box. I searched every cupboard in the kitchen til I found it, carefully wrapped up in clingfilm, sitting in the fridge. She must keep everything in the fridge at her house.

So overall she’s working out awesome. (She also says that Dr. Amy is a fine cat, and that Nurgul was talking out her ass.) And I can live with the little idiosyncracies. I like to think that she’s giving us subtle life lessons. Sort us out, Annette! We can use all the help we can get.


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  1. switching off the outlets will save you $$$$ in the long run.

  2. Huh? Really? Do they, like, leak power or something? I did not know that.

  3. It sounds like you are getting Home Ec class all over again…only…in a very firm and subtle way.

  4. however, putting bread in the fridge makes it go stale faster… At least that’s what my mommy taught me. My dad was always putting bread in the fridge and my mom was always taking it back out.

  5. Amy is right. Especially with things like microwaves, TVs, DVD players that will sit on standby chew up alot of power. Actually turning them off at the wall will save you big bucks. Don’t think it matters for things like toasters and hairdryers though.

  6. you keep eggs out? isn’t that BAD? i mean, they’re in a cooler at the store, so i’d think they’re supposed to be kept cold. note to self: no breakfast at howie’s next time i’m down under. 😉

  7. Actually here in Oz they’re just on the normal grocery store shelves; not refrigerated. In the fridge they just soak up the icky smells from everything else!

  8. re: eggs, apparently the particular bacteria that forces American eggs to the fridge, just doesn’t exist in Oz – yay customs!

    Re Nurgal: if she was talking out her ass, I would understand Dr Amy freaking out. I know I would.

  9. ya know, she’s probably wiping down the outlets with a wet cloth and she just doesn’t want to get electrocuted.

  10. Considering eggs usually sit in my firdge for a month or two before I go through them all, I agree that keeping them on the counter would be BAD. You don’t leave butter out, do you? Some people do, and I think it’s gross.

  11. Rodd’s backed up what Rob said about the bacteria. Apparently in the U.S., salmonella is endemic in the chicken population. Every chicken has it and all the eggs have it, so they have to be refrigerated. That’s not the case here. The supermarkets all just put them out on the shelf, so it’s perfectly safe to keep them out. I think we started doing it because Delia Smith said to. Most recipes want you to have them room temperature anyway, and when we were on Atkins we were going through them pretty quick. Plus, like I said, I *hate* the taste of refrigerator eggs. They suck up fridge nastiness.

    But no, butter definitely goes in the fridge. It’d go rancid!

  12. Has Annette started leaving religious tracts of ‘helpful’ Scientology texts lying around the house yet? She wants to clean your house, save the environment and save your souls/cleanse you of thetans.

  13. Ha! Nah, she’s a little too “Aussie battler” to be a Scientologist, I think. 🙂

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