What a fun day back! On my walk through Hammersmith this morning, I was startled to find that all the lights were out in the pedestrian subway. They were also out in the Hammersmith Broadway shopping center… and all the way down King Street… and all the way to my office. The best part was that the traffic lights on the Hammersmith Roundabout were dead, which meant that crossing the street became a life-and-death chicken game. I sent a quick text message to Snookums to enquire whether the other office was dark as well. He called me to report that they were all standing outside, as it looked like the HarperCollins building was on fire. Lovely. And it appears that all this mayhem was due to a construction worker that accidentally cut a major electrical cable. I have to admit, it certainly livened up the Monday-after-vacation.

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  1. it’s good to have ya back, lady! 🙂

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