Helga’s getting married!

Yay, Helga’s getting married! I’m very happy for her. I remember meeting her that first week of freshman year and not being quite sure what to make of this stern sounding German girl from Ohio. It only took a week or two to realize that she was actually wickedly funny and had no problem playing the straight man in our schemes. I remember one night we had her read us this list someone had e-mailed me of “Ways to Torment Your Roommate” (back in the days when people actually read e-mail forwards) and it took hours and by the end Liz and I were just crying with laughter. One of my best college memories… Congrats, Helga! (Link courtesy of Nora.)


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  1. Good for Helga! I ran into her a few years ago in NYC. I was sitting in a bar (shocking, i know) looking out the window and a familar silhouette walked by with a backpack on. i chased her down about half a block.

  2. Fantastic! Their story is great – how Helga thought about it for 4 weeks, said no, then changed her mind. That German is HILARIOUS. But Pants, jog my memory about the email fwd incident? I remember other Helga-related lunacy, but not really that one. Like the time we wanted to put her pic in the Observer for her birthday, so we stole the picture of her at age 8 or something from her desk and replaced it with a photocopy…did we ever give her the real one back?

  3. Also, I love the picture – Helga has changed approximately NOT AT ALL in 10 years!

  4. Does this jog your memory? “Hey, where’s my damn sandwich?!” That was one of them, something about leaving a sandwich out on the floor until they threw it away.

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