This Blogger situation is a bit ridiculous. It’s just gone down for the second time today. That settles it. Come Monday, I will be free. Oh yes, I will be free.


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  1. yikes–i hardly noticed until i tried to post about FINDING THE DRESS FOR THE LOW, LOW PRICE OF $300!

    oh, and how the phrase “city planning” must always be said with tongue placed firmly in cheek when referring to boston…

  2. Ooh! You found “The Dress”?? DO TELL!

  3. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, it’s white-white (as opposed to “ivory,” “diamond white,” etc) with a sparkly tank/corset bodice that kinda pushes the boobs up but not in an unseemly way, a-line shirt, and looong train that has a sparkly lace inset. i’m not too keen on the last bit, but then i won’t be the one looking at it! i picked it over another one that i liked because (1) it fit me perfectly (2) i thought it would be more likely to make J. get emotional and (3) it was only $300!! unfortunately i’ve been unable to find a pic of it online, but i’ll keep looking!

  4. You’re *trying* to get him all emotional? 🙂

    Reminds me of an ND wedding I attended during the summer of ’99. It was for Elly Terrell, our Weasel R.A. for 4A in ’98. She was marrying Paul, an R.A. from Siegfried next door. She was weeping when they lit the “unity candle.” And then at the end his, like, 90-year-old grandpa (who’s evidently a pastor or something) got up and pronounced them man and wife. Paul lost it. Heck, everybody lost it. What a great wedding. 🙂

  5. oh *yeah*. i figure if i’m going to be a snotty mess, then he’s got to shed a couple of tears, too! another part of the picking process was finding a dress that would look right next to his uniform. i’ve never dreamt about a “fairy tale wedding,” but i think we might just look the part. 🙂

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