League of Extraordinarily Crap Gentlement

We finally watched the film version of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Man, that suuuuucked. It really looks like Connery’s going to pull a Brando in his final years: getting fat, phoning it in, and cashing in on his reputation. And what’s up with Saddam Hussein playing Nemo?

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  1. The film’s version of Nemo was one of the biggest disappointments about the film. The comic version was a great deal more than a glorified taxi driver, moving the real players from A to B. Not remotely a likeable character, but a fierce, proud man who definitely wasn’t taking orders from a lackey of the Empire. (Especially in volume 2.)

    But then, there were so *many* reasons to dislike the film. (And yes, Sean Connery goes right to the head of the list.)

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