DietBlog: I’m doin’ the dance of joy! I lost another 400g to take me back down to 78.1kg. That means I’ve fully recovered from the setbacks of the past month and I’m once again within my healthy BMI range. (And I successfully made up for the burrito!) My official total loss now stands at 22kg. (I’m only about 1.5lb shy of 50lbs lost, which is going to be a big milestone.) I’d still ultimately like to get down to about 75kg, and I think I’d also like to get into a size 12. As it is the 14 is a little roomy, so I’d rather not end up stuck in between. And since it surprised my sister the other day, I’ll just add that Australian sizes seem to run bigger than American ones, and I’m pretty sure I’m a 12 already in the U.S. At any rate, the size 14 jeans my Mom brought me from Old Navy are wicked loose on me. So yay! (Okay, I’ll stop bragging.)

Our meeting tonight was a lot of fun, mostly because I sat next to an awesome new girl named Roberta. She lost 2kg in her first week! Her enthusiasm and excitement just took me back to my first week, and it really fired me up to see this journey right through to the end. It’s also funny to see how nothing has really changed since that first week for me. I’m still talking up a storm in the meeting and happily collecting my Bravo Stars for my accomplishments. (Tonight’s was for the Race. My little Star Corral is getting full!) Only two more weeks til I get the “Key” charm for my keychain and get to become a Lifetime Member. I’m nearly there…


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  1. go girl – you inspired so many of us thankyou

  2. U.S. size 12? Really? You look smaller than that!

  3. You can bragging as much you like, a) this is your weblog, b) your DietBlog show that you win all rights to bragging.

    Maybe i do same (lose some kg and start jogging, not bragging :-)). If some little girl like Kris do that, i’m sure i can do it too!

  4. Hey there love, glad to hear you are doing so very well, it’s great news. I’ve been taking a little bit of a hiatus (lots and lots of reasons), but will be back next week, without (hopefully) too much damage having been done. Look forward to seeing you then.

  5. Oh Kathryn, I’m so glad to hear from you! I was about to send you an e-mail and see how you’re doing. We miss you at the meetings…

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