Trail Note
Holy crap! When did Google Pedometer start working in Australia? THAT RULES. The Snook and I just went for an hour’s jog down through Newtown and Erskineville, and as we got home we wondered how far we’d gone. “Use that Google Pedometer,” he suggested. “It doesn’t work here,” I said. “See?” And then it did! I mapped our whole route from tonight. That was just over 8km in an hour. Not a terribly fast pace, but we were breaking in the new Asics Kayanos we got the Snook yesterday at the Runner’s Shop. I’m excited at being able to track my training distances!

Later: I just mapped out my Pyrmont run and it turns out that Jonathan was right; it’s nearly 6.5km! Snookums just mapped our long walk to North Sydney a few weekends ago; that was 8.6km. Yesterday’s walk home from Clovelly was even longer; we meandered through Centennial Park, checked out the Farmer’s Market at Fox Studios, and wended our way through the crowds at the Surry Hills Festival for a total of 9km. And here’s my route to work and back. That’s nearly 5km total!