ARGH. As we were walking yesterday I was admiring out the Snook’s new cotton jumper – yes, I’m a very narcissistic knitter – when I noticed that one stitch on the back was sorta distorted. I started picking at it… and suddenly a centimeter-long end came poking out! At first I thought it was just a wayward woven-in end, but a closer look revealed that it was actually an unraveling stitch! My heart stopped. “FREEZE,” I ordered. How in the world had this happened? I pulled it out enough that it wasn’t going anywhere and we managed to get home and get it off without incident. After an exhaustive study, I can conclude that I made one of the classic knitting blunders (and one which I seem to be particular prone to make): while weaving in my ends, I got a bit overzealous with the scissors and actually cut off an end before weaving it in. (Yes, I know how to knit in the ends as you go; I just forget to do it. I did it on about half of the transitions, just not this one.) So I had to get another strand of cotton and painstakingly graft it back through the fabric, unravelling the cut end as I went until I had an end long enough to weave, and then weave in all three ends. WHEW. I’m happy to report that the patient survived and looks none the worse for the experience. Let my boneheadedness be a lesson for you all!