DietBlog: We all got Bravo Stars tonight just for turning up. That’s how nasty, cold, and wet it was outside. (Note to self: I know your Crocs are your lightest footwear, but next time rethink the decision to go out in a gale wearing shoes with holes in them.) It was nevertheless a good meeting for me though. I got to reconnect with Kathryn and – yay! – register another loss. Remember how I excited I was to see a seven? Well tonight I saw two of ’em! That’s right baby, 77.6kg! (I’m less than half a pound from fifty pounds’ loss total.) I honestly didn’t know what to expect on the scales. Last week I was just in this stress and weather-induced CARB FRENZY and I seriously binged every single night. I didn’t feel like I was putting on weight though; I felt more like my body was telling me that it wanted the extra energy. Then I had a blowout on Friday night – lots of red wine, tapas, and peri-peri fries. Saturday and Sunday were good recovery days though, and I’ve done a ton of walking and exercise. So I guess it all works out! This is just a crazy time for my metabolism and I probably shouldn’t try to fight it.

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  1. Good to see you too Kris, and to be back on track!

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