My pottery class was very zen and relaxing tonight, mostly because I went very slowly and didn’t screw anything up. I started by turning my kinda crappy straight-sided pot from the first week, which had finally dried to the “leather hard” stage. Peter showed us how to put a “foot” on the base. It turns out I rock at turning! My foot looked, like, professional. I’m not kidding. The girl at the wheel next to mine wouldn’t shut up about it. (My inner Hermione was, pathetically, in ecstasy.) Then I cleared that away and got ready to throw another pot. As I’m a big nerd, I read through all thirty pages of notes Peter gave us last week so I felt pretty confident about the specifics of the technique. I centered it really quickly and pulled up the sides into my thinnest, straightest column yet. Then I decided to try “collaring” it, where you squeeze in with your hands to make it curve in. It worked! I then pulled up the top a little more and ended up with a lovely fluted vase. I can’t wait to glaze it…

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  1. Interesting, could you make public some pictures? (Give us some possibility to admire you :-)))

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