Stupid Customer

Stupid Customer of the Day: So this Canadian lady was here on holiday and bought a $280 tapestry kit imported from England. When she got home to Canada, she discovered her local store was selling it for $80 cheaper. That’s such a “huge discrepancy;” did we make a mistake? *blink blink* Okay, who doesn’t know that it’s more expensive to buy just about anything in Australia than it is North America? DURRRR. Example: The low-end MacBook costs USD $1099, which should equate to AUD $1461. Yet the price the Australian Apple store charges is AUD $1749, nearly $300 more! I found a six pack of Heineken selling for USD $7.49, which equates to AUD $9.95. Yet Coles are selling the same product here for AUD $15.99! This is the reality Australians live with everyday. We’re bloody far from everywhere else, so that means a lot of stuff ends up costing more. And if you’re some idiot from overseas who doesn’t get the concept, that’s not my fault.

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  1. Oh yes, this was one of the bigger shocks of living in Australia for me…paperback books cost close to $20 for heaven’s sake.

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