What happens when five bloggers – me, Amy, Rob, Morgan, and Andrew – all go out to dinner together? We race back home to see who can be the first to post about it! (I live closest to the restaurant; hence I WIN!) This was the Snook’s and my second outing to Baja Cantina in Glebe, and while the food was again excellent, the service left a lot to be desired. We’ll cut them some slack since they’re new but they really need to pick up their game if they’re going to survive. I went with the Steak Chimichanga tonight – very meaty and good – while the Snook had chicken enchiladas. (He said they weren’t as “saucy” as the ones he’s had before, but he enjoyed them.) We also sampled the chipotle prawn appetizer (fairly ordinary, I thought) and the red sangria (dangerously smooth and tasty). I can’t decide which is the more amazing – that the Snook survived two hours as the only non-blogger in the group, or that there were four hardcore photobloggers at our table and not one photo was taken? I’m as surprised as you are.