Girlfriend in a Coma

Holy crap! The Snook told me some crazy story tonight about two girls who were in an accident in Indiana and one of them died but the other one was in a coma, and now weeks later the coma girl has woken up and SHE’S THE OTHER GIRL. I was like, “What?” He said that the family who thought their daughter had lived only just realized that it’s actually the other girl, and their daughter actually died in the accident. I scoffed and accused him of reading the Weekly World News too much. But get this – it actually happened! I guess her injuries were really severe and – coupled with how much the two girls looked like each other – everybody made the same misidentification. That’s awful.


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  1. That is just a story where you can only think it is so unbelievable it can’t be fiction. Yikes!

  2. Hold on a second here… that newspaper article sites a BLOG as it’s source. Are we sure this is real? And what’s up with couchcam? Is Dr Amy trying some new angles?

  3. It was Annette. I think she was dustin’ the top of the TV. 🙂

  4. The blog was one a family member set up to keep everyone up to date on her condition. She had extreme face swelling and bruising, so they couldn’t tell. The other family didn’t want to id “their daughter”, so a friend did.

    Either way, that’s really crazy. It makes me want to get myself a tattoo of my name, just in case.

  5. yet another reason to get tattooed!

  6. I was reading about this last night at Grandma’s house. Their pictures were in the paper. 5 weeks…The girls boyfriend was the first one to suspect anything. They asked her to write her name and she wrote it is how they found out she was the wrong girl. The workers on the scene said their were IDs strewed all over the highway.

  7. I saw this article in a paper in Auckland last week. I couldn’t believe that a story from Indidanapolis made the front page of a NZ paper. Slow news day, perhaps.

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