My Shirt!

Knit in Public Day - SydneyLook what came in the mail yesterday… It’s my World Wide Knit in Public Day shirt! Only four days til the big event. I’m going to put up some signs in the shop today and send out a few mass e-mails. Do you think I should call the Cafe and give them a heads-up about the hordes of knitters that will be descending up on them this weekend?


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  1. You know, I wondered that too. They may try and move us on otherwise… If they’re not keen on having us maybe we could buy food there and move round to the steps of the Opera House to knit and consume.

  2. Well, I just spoke to them. The guy who identified himself as the manager said that they don’t do any table bookings because it’s just counter service and then you sit wherever. He’s fine with us going there, but we’ll have to take the risk of finding a place to sit. I was already planning on getting there as early as I can to hopefully stake out an area. If the weather holds, people may be able to bring chairs/blankets and sit on the pavement if needed. Otherwise we could always relocate to the Opera House steps if we outgrow the Cafe.

    Anyway, I’ve given them fair warning so I think we’re good to go! 🙂

  3. YAY!!! It was good to check. They are very brisk about clearing tables there, as they like a fast turnover. And who can blame them? See you Saturday!!

  4. I’ve had a couple e-mails from people concerned with rain. Do you think we should officially designate a rain venue? Or will there be room for us under cover somewhere near the Sidewalk place? (I’m not too familiar with it.)

  5. Kris, how late do you think you’ll all be there until?

  6. Well, SSK usually lasts til like 4:30, I think, so I’ve been telling people we’ll probably be there that long. I think it really depends on the weather and how many folks turn up. If it’s a good group on a dry day, we could be there for a while!

    Maybe anybody who’s coming late should send me an e-mail and I’ll respond with my mobile number. Then you can ring to find out if we’re still going…

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