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moblogged imageMad Pottery Skillz
Aren’t my pottery skills coming along nicely? I threw this puppy yesterday in two pieces and then joined them together. It was just a whim, but I think it turned out rather well…

Not. Yeah, that’s my teacher Peter’s work. My own output for the evening was pretty crap. Even my turning – which I normally like – didn’t go so well and one little round pot won’t even sit flat. I managed to throw one decent bowl and a really crappy pot. I put my little curvy vase in to be fired though, so I’m hoping to decorate that with glaze next week. I figure that two hours of playing with clay is still fun, even if I don’t always throw really great pots.


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  1. wow! I have just started ceramics at school Kris but we are only doing pinch pots at the mo. Hope things arn’t to hectic at the store too. You are a brave lady!

  2. Hi, I just found you by doing an advanced search for pottery. I’m a potter who enjoys throwing on the wheel but as of lately I’m doing an extensive amount of handbuilding. I enjoyed your post and your piece is absolutely MARVELOUS!

  3. You both did get that that one isn’t mine, right? 🙂

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