Dad, your dreams have come true. Some guy is starting up a professional deer hunting league. YOUR DESTINY AWAITS!


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  1. That’s _not_ hunting! Not even close. Animals are _not_ toys! I hunt, but i never even think to play with animals like that when i’m hunting; you kill the animal and then you eat it. If there is not enough animals to hunt, then you are not hunting. Animals have all rights to life they life as an animal, not like a toy.

  2. Well, to play Devil’s Advocate here jussi, they’re not killing the animals. You may argue with the cruelty of tranquilizing them, but you have to admit it’s better than killing them dead.

  3. Unfortunately, tranquilizers have been known to kill animals. And what happens after they’ve shot it with the tranq? Do they wait nearby for it to completely recover so that it’s not eaten by some wandering predator?

    This is just a bad idea.

  4. Let them hunt each other, leave the deer out of it.

    Much more “sporting” 😉

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