I’ve got some Amazon gift certificates burning a hole in my e-pocket, so I headed over there today to order the Veronica Mars DVDs. I was alarmed to see a notice that my “June 6 order has recently shipped.” I didn’t place any order on June 6th. What’s even more disturbing is, the site won’t let me in to view the details of that order. All I can see is that it’s a Simpsons Clue game and it was sent to someone named “John Mackill.” I never ordered this. I don’t know that person. I never received the usual order confirmation e-mails. My fear and paranoia is balanced by the fact that they couldn’t possibly have charged to my credit card (my old number expired months ago and I haven’t put the new one in yet), and none of my gift certificate credit seems to be missing. I’ve sent through an e-mail to Support. Snookums thinks that it’s just a screw-up, and that someone else’s order has become associated with my account (which is why it won’t let me see the details). Besides, if you were going to scam someone, you’d buy more than a $20 board game, right? Just to be on the safe side, I’ve changed my Yahoo and Amazon passwords to the most elaborate gobbledygook I can possibly remember. I’m crossing my fingers this is all just a mistake.

Update Two Days Later: Yep, it was a mistake. Of course, it took two e-mails and an international phone call to clear that up. *sigh* I’m gonna have to ding their customer service score on this one.