WWKIP Day Photos

WWKIP Day PhotosWWKIP Day Photos are online!
I gotta say, I was really, really impressed with the turnout we had. The weather was about as good as could be expected – it sprinkled a bit at first but held off the rest of the day. (We were under cover anyway.) The folks at the Sidewalk Cafe looked a little worried when they saw how many people were turning up, but we kept buying stuff and that seemed to assuage them. People walking by kept doing double-takes when they saw our sign, and we even managed to talk a few into knitting with us! This is definitely going to have to become an annual (or semi-annual) event.

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  1. I was going to come.. but by the time my girlfriend from ACT came up, and we had lunch with our friend from QLD.. it got past 2pm, and this preggo lady’s eyes started to close… I had to go home to rest before going to see Strassman!!!

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