“Chocka with innuendo, Tim Tam takes the biscuit.” I love Australians. This article is all about a popular chocolate cookie (they call ’em “biscuits”) and sex. Yes, cookies and sex. Snookums brought back a bag of Tim Tams when we went to Australia last March. They’re awesome. It’s sort of like a Keebler fudge graham; you know, with a sweet crunchy square covered in chocolate. Apparently one in every three cookies consumed Down Under is a Tim Tam. Can you believe that? They’ve got tons of varieties and related merchandise, including the “Tim Tam Jim Jams pyjamas (the majority of Tim Tams are consumed at night while watching TV).” I want some of those! I had no idea that the marketing was so sex-related, but I can verify the existence of the “Tim Tam Suck”, which Snookums demonstrated for me. You bite off both ends of the cookie and then dunk it in your coffee, “sucking the liquid through the light biscuit texture, quickly drawing it into the mouth where the biscuit explodes.” Mmmm, good.