moblogged imageUnderglazing
I had a really enjoyable pottery class tonight, mostly because I didn’t bother to try to throw anything. I turned my two crappy pots from last week and the new bottoms rather improve them, I think. Then I decided to start decorating. First, my curvy little vase. I decided she wanted to be pink. I was trying for a real gradation of colour, like fabric that’s been drip-dyed. Unfortunately that’s pretty hard to do with dry clay that sucks up moisture, meaning you can’t really “blend” the colour areas very much. I settled for some swoopy stripes. Then it was on to my chunky bowl from the very first night. I decided he wanted to be green. I then went back with a blue to do a thin spiral in the middle, but the spiral decided it wanted to be thick and spill over the side of the bowl. It’s more of a wave, really. I think it’s gonna look groovy once it’s fired and glazed. I really will need to do some more throwing next week though. I’m running out of things to turn and glaze!

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