Whoa… My e-mail to the ABC got our WWKIP Day pictures linked on their Arts blog! I also got in a plug for the TC SnB. Sweet!

Later: Someone from the Public Broadcasting Company of Japan read the article and rang the shop asking about both the Sydney stitch and bitch groups and the Melbourne “Knitta” people. I explained that the “knit graffiti” movement – as far as I can tell – seemed to be inspired more by magazine articles than any real creative urge. (It’s the same problem I have with the zombie thing, really.) She also seemed oddly fixated on how many men were coming to these knitting groups. She actually said she had a funny image of a bunch of funky young guys sitting around knitting. And while I know that would make a great image for a story, it’s sadly not the case. I’d love to get more guys interested in knitting, but most of them still think it’s a bit of a joke (as witnessed by the drunken louts who stopped by WWKIP Saturday). Maybe I should organise “Teach a Guy to Knit Day” or something. Anyway, I tried to play up the “hip” factor of Sydney knitting without giving her too much the wrong idea…


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  1. Heh. I fixed it. 🙂

  2. Did you tell her that the majority of these ‘funky young guys’ are slightly older gay men? That should put a crimp in her image! 🙂

  3. I’ve heard from very reliable sources that knit graffiti is alive and well. It is just an underground activity and involves many other mediums other than knit graffiti, and you kind of don’t see a lot of it, because the world/city is a big place, and there is only so much ground one gang can cover, I’ve heard. I just wanted to say that knit grafiti is real and exists.

  4. The Courthouse group seems to have more than it’s fair share of groovy young guys. Many days the women are outnumbered by men. Some of them are even heterosexual !

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