Long Weekend

I did have a big post about my long three-day weekend, but I lost it. Quick Summary: Friday I went to the Craft Show and bought a bunch of stuff I hadn’t planned. (Hello, Noro!) Then I went to Una’s with Miss Fee and ate a schnitzel the size of a dinner plate. (Mmm, schnitzel.) I also went to Ariel and picked up some new books, including Subversive Cross Stitch. Saturday was knitting in Newtown with SSK and then over to Kenya‘s for some rugby action. (Again, too much food.) And Sunday was spent in a lethargic consumer coma, which meant that I just sat on the couch knitting all day. I love three day weekends.


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  1. I did also splurge on the noro.

  2. Hey Kris – you gotta add the .au to the link for Ariel books.

  3. Whoops! Thanks, fixed.

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