EQUALIZER! Oh my stars and *%&!ing garters! HARRY KEWELL, YOU BEAUTY! All I can say is, it’s about goddamn time. Now we just have to hold on for ten minutes…

Ten minutes later: Sweeeeeet. WE’RE THROUGH! But hey, that referee sucked, huh? And correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Simonic get THREE yellow cards?


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  1. You wake up this early just to see a football? Really? Why?

    Don’t answer that, i know. Good luck to you and Australia, i know you win!

  2. But it means they play Italy next. That’s kind of nerve-wracking. Neep!

    (God, I’ve got to stop rooting for all these different teams. But I’m English, I have to cover my bases 🙂

  3. Eh, 5:30’s not too early. It’s the 2am ones I can never sit through…

  4. It’s easy to you cover your bases :->
    We are not in now (maybe newer), but i know one thing, when Finland wins the Hell freezes over!

  5. The (English) referee had a nightmare, but I’m really pleased that it didn’t affect the outcome. (Imagine the row if a certain Croatian with two yellow cards had scored a third goal for Croatia before picking up his third card!)

    I was rooting for Australia: I’m delighted they managed to hang on at the end. It was a much more exciting match than any of the England matches so far, which have generated a lot of tension but mostly in terms of making the fans wonder if their team are about to find yet another way to blow it, or which player is going to get injured next. Australia-Croatia was a real blood and thunder affair, and all the better for it.

  6. Would it have counted if he’d scored? I was quite frankly relieved when he stayed on the pitch, thinking that any goal that they’d have made would have been disallowed after that point.

    And man, George Street is ringing to the sound of car horns this morning!

  7. I woke up at 4.30am and went down with Meg to Papa Cafe in Petersham were we had our own mini Melbourne happening… Extremely tense atmosphere but brilliant nonetheless.

    There was a lot of confusion regarding the yellow cards, and we all thought the whole thing was a farce, but apparently it was a blunder of the telecast and the commentary, as yellow cards (then red) were awarded to Simic AND Simunic… so there were refereeing mistakes made, but not with the yellow/red cards – as shown here..

    At this juncture, I’m happy Australia has come this far no matter what happens from here. History has been made, football has been well and truly established in Australia and there will no doubt be ticker-tape parades.


  8. Huh. The BBC are still reporting that Simunic got three yellows…

  9. I’ll be rooting for Australia against Italy. The Italians are a bunch of injury-faking whiners.

  10. Now, I’m as patriotic as the next man, but there’s no way I’m going to start rooting *for* Australia – what goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom, I always say.

  11. hmmm….maybe “rooting” doesn’t always mean what I think it means.

  12. rock n roll!!!!

  13. yes it appears you were right about the three yellow cards and the ref has been excluded from further refereeing any games for this Cup and has announced his retirement from international refereeing.

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