My head is very sore (there was much wine imbibing at the Good Food Show today) and I feel like I’ve been banging it against a wall for the past half hour. I’ve been working on this damn Knot & Cable Jacket all evening and just when I thought I’d finally got it sussed, it starts making no sense. I’ve done the “ribbing” cables down at the bottom, and it’s time to start the cable crossing proper. But no matter what I do, Row 1 of the Right Front just doesn’t work. And why doesn’t it work? BECAUSE THE PATTERN IS WRONG. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I finally decided to add up the number of stitches to make sure it’s right. AND IT ISN’T. The line as written adds up to 70 stitches, and (as verified by the previous line) you’re supposed to have 68. The weird thing is it’s not listed in the official revisions, so I guess that means I’m the first to find it. And all it took was a raging headache and a calculator. HARRUMPH.

The Next Morning: Okay, I can think again. Here’s the actual error for the benefit of future Googlers:RIGHT FRONT

(after the first 15 rows)

Set up row (wrong side) Patt 0(4:8), [patt 16, m1] twice, patt 6, m1, patt 16, m1, patt 6. 64(68:72) sts.

(I’ve done that and have the correct number of stitches – 68.)

Change to 5mm (US 8) needles.
1st row Patt 6, [work 22 sts of 1st row of cable panel B, T2L] twice, patt 12(16:20).

That line’s the mistake. It adds up to 2 more stitches than you have on the needles. The “Patt 6” at the start should be “Patt 4”. That makes everything work correctly. The same line on the Left Front is correct as written.

I would’ve sent this in to the Debbie Bliss website, but they don’t have a frickin’ contact address that I can find. NOTHIN’. So I e-mailed the importer that I bought the book from; hopefully he can forward it on to them.