It’s the day of my Australian Citizenship interview. Quick, quiz me on the privileges and responsibilities of being a citizen!


  1. Obey the laws and fulfill duties as citizen
  2. Enroll and vote in Federal, State, Territory, and local elections
  3. Serve on a jury if called
  4. Defend Australia if need arises


  1. The right to vote and elect public officials
  2. The right to run for public office
  3. The right to apply for an Australian passport and enter/leave the country freely
  4. The right to apply for help to Australian diplomatic personnel overseas
  5. The right to join the Defense Forces or apply for government jobs the require citizenship
  6. The right to have my kids be Australian by descent

I think I’m ready!

Later: All done. Took about 10 minutes in the end. She looked over everything and checked my application against my passport and birth certificate. Then she asked me about the rights and responsibilities, and I proudly rattled them off. (Ten for ten! For the record though, there was NO poster or cheat sheet for me to read them from. My lady was tough!) So now I just have to wait for the letter letting me know when the ceremony’s going to be…


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  1. Good luck for the interview! 🙂

  2. Serve on a jury? Ha!

  3. Hope you don’t get a senior liberal pollie handing out the certificates. (eg Howard, Abbott…) Brrrr!

  4. I’m hoping for Clover. I’ve already seen Abbot at one of these things before. I think he tends to stick with his area of Mosman, the better to attract votes from newly citizenized xenophobic rich assclowns.

  5. Congrats ! Let me know if you want a Green for the ceremony 😉

  6. welcome to the club sister – now you can help get rid of the evil dwarf at the next election

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