Friday Annoyances

Friday Annoyances
I’m always torn when I get the impulse to post more tales of Retail Horror. I know I must sound like a broken record to some of you, but others have told me they find these Anecdotes of Hell really funny. And God knows, it helps to get them off my chest. So here we go…

  • My name is Kris. I have one (otherwise very nice) old lady who’s made repeated Internet orders and phones me up regularly, and she keeps calling me “Chrissy.” I have never been “Chrissy” (or even “Krissy”) in my life. I know she probably means it in an endearing “Grandma” sort of way, but every time she says it my teeth (and more) clench. HATE IT.
  • Do me a favor. Go to the shop website. Do you see any text or mentions of our Annual Sale? You shouldn’t, because I took all that down on Monday. But I’ve nevertheless had a couple idiots turn up and say that the website said the Sale was still on. And then I have to teach them how to hit Control-R to Refresh.
  • A woman rang up yesterday wanting to buy some wool for her mother to knit squares for Wraps with Love. As she was too busy and important to come into the shop, she wanted me to pick out all the colours (which I hate doing, because they invariably don’t like them). And then she asked the kicker: “What colours are in for it this season?” Ahhh, you mean the hott colours for knitting blankets for the homeless? Pink and teal. Definitely.
  • I was talking about novelty wools with a lady in the shop today, and she was saying how much her granddaughter likes the fluffy and shiny ones, “because she’s a Downy.” A DOWNY. I nearly choked.

Whew. Now I feel better.


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  1. Please tell me “a Downy” does not equal one with Down syndrome. Please!
    I work at a library so we get our share of interesting customers. Of course, they seem like peaches compared with what you deal with.

  2. I think it does! I asked my Australian co-worker afterwards if she’d ever heard anyone use that phrase, and while she had, it was only ever in a derogatory fashion. Never by a grandma talking about her own kid!

  3. Hi, Krissy (and Hi, killfile :-

  4. Hi, Krissy (and hi, killfile :-().
    I see a mention of Annual Sale,
    it’s a top of the page. There is a picture where is a text “ANNUAL MAY
    SALE NOW ON!” It’s a link to
    And yes, I refresh the page, I clean all history and cache and proxy.
    I use three different browser (firefox, konqueror, ie), three operation
    system (linux, winXP and win98) and three different network operator and
    four different computer. And always same result. Maybe the link must be a

  5. My first thought was that perhaps a Downy was like your cashmere guy or a Furry (or whatever those people with the fur fetish are called who like to dress up like animals) and that it was a very liberated grandma supporting her kinky kid.

  6. Hmmm. Weird. I just saw that image from home, jussi, when I didn’t see it from work. It’s gone now. Okay, so maybe not all of them were idiots…. 🙂

  7. Now it’s looks OK, Krissy^h^h. I´m not in killfile, thank YOU!

  8. HAHAH “Downy”! Yes it means one with Down’s Syndrome – mainly slang, sometimes derogatory, certainly not politically correct.

    I love Australia.

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