Bye Bye Big Brother

I used to be a fan of Big Brother, but I haven’t watched any of this year’s series beyond the premiere… which I only watched to reassure myself that the new crop of housemates were the most tacky, superficial, sociopathic fame whores yet. Looks like it was a good decision. That? Is ridiculous. Pull that crap off the air. It’s a train wreck. Big Brother has become a mirror showing only the worst of society.


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  1. Link broken… what did it say? You and your mystery links 🙂

  2. NVM it works now…

  3. I think it’s getting hammered. I got it off one of the ABC blogs this morning…

  4. Seriously, Ten, get rid of that show. Whether the ‘incident’ went to air or not is irrelevant, it’s a show that harbours and encourages sexual harrassment, and now, with this incident, sexual assault. Makes me sick. I’m disappointed that the police are not investigating it (yet).

  5. Ok after watching the video I don’t think there would be any case for sexual assault charges… the girl got in bed with the guys, asked if they were going to “Turkey slap” her and then she took it… after which she stayed in the bed, fondled one of the guys under the blanket. Pfff maybe next season we could see coprophilia, sure to get the ratings up.

    I still stand by my previous post though, Ten should axe that crap, but I guess I’ve thought that from season 1.

  6. Wow. John Howard’s response made the front page of the BBC Entertainment section…

  7. has become? – it always was. my conspiracy mind says this is a publicity stunt that is backfiring.

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