TV Show Preview

TV Show Preview
Well, that was lame. Leanne, Bec, and I were all excited to see some glurge-filled new “chick show” and instead we got the dreaded Current Affairs program. (There was an audible groan when the guy announced it.) It was called “This Week Last Year” and it was about – you guessed it – news stories from this week last year. It was dreadful and I told them as much on my little questionnaire. The fun bit was when we got to watch two commercials and then write down our thoughts. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wanting to have a go at the Brand Power chick for YEARS. “I find Brand Power ads really insulting, because they assume that I’m an idiot who can’t tell the difference between an impartial recommendation and a COMMERCIAL.” “The production values are seriously 80’s.” “Why the graphic of the Metamucil pushing the poo through the digestive system? Gross and unnecessary.” It was great. I only wish they’d have let me take in a laptop; my criticism was limited by my slow handwriting speed. I did have a slightly embarrassing moment when filling out the demographic information. They asked you to circle all the hours that your TV was on yesterday. *gulp* I was circling, circling, circling… And as the Snook pointed out, I’m totally going to throw off their reporting because they’re going to assume I was watching live TV during that time, which – hello? Live Australian TV on Sunday? Is all auto racing. I don’t think so. Oh well, at least I got two movie tickets and a cookie out of it!


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  1. i did the same survey too!!! And i agree! it was a shocking pilot program, The only good thing was the german presenter who was cute and rather sweet with his accent. and the movie tickets always come in handy! We didnt tell the boys it was a current affairs program, instead we raved on about a reality male stripping show 🙂

  2. Were you at the 6:30 showing, Eva? I’m surprised I missed you!

  3. kinda glad I missed that text….

  4. No i went to the 8.30 show… and i had 2 cups of tea, i nearly stole the pencil too but that seemed a bit too chinese… But Ive always wanted to see what the Masonic club looked like on the inside.. i always thought it was the place they sacrificed virgins, being a mens only club… And the pic of the Queen in the left corner… My overactive imagination had rows of men, old and young, Hand over heart chanting to some ancient code and hymn while the dainty damsel was tied to the altar awiting her dasterly fate…

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