New Knitty

Ooh, there’s a new Knitty! How did I miss this? Patterns I like: Toe-up socks (with a non-short-row heel? I must make!), Similar but lacy toe-up socks, Japanese flip-flop socks, Fairisle leg warmers, and – DEAR GOD, THE BRILLIANCE IS KILLING ME – a Sock Monkey Hat. (Next year’s Oscar Contest winner may be gettin’ one of those, I tells ya.) And hey, there I am in the Editor’s Note!


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  1. They are totally forgiven for not including any cool jumpers/sweaters just from the Sock Monkey hat.

  2. You didn’t miss it, it only came out today – i love the cable gloves

  3. Heh. So did Bec. She came in today to buy the wool for the cable gloves, which is how I found out about it. 🙂

  4. BTW finished those gloves on Sunday!!! They were awesome. Want to come and get some more Zara to make some more!

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