My Pots

Last week was my last pottery class, so I got to bring home most of my pots. (There are still a few big bowls left to be glazed.) Here they are:

My Pots   My little pink vase   Pink and grey cup

Brick bowl   Crusty blue pot   Blue bowl


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  1. very nice! i particularly like the small blue one in the bottom-centre pic.

  2. Wow, I am impressed! I like the vase on the top. The flute appears to be wider than the base and I think that would be “smashing” with some lillies or fresh daisies.

  3. It’s funny, crumpet. That one was from my worst night of all, when I just couldn’t throw worth a crap. And it’s lopsided and doesn’t sit flat, and the glaze kinda crusted up… but I like it too!

    Snookums suggested I put flowers in it too, Frances, but it’s so tiny. It’s only about four inches tall! 🙂

  4. maybe you should knit some of these for your mini-vase — 🙂

  5. I really like the two-toned one with the speckles. Awesome work, Kris! I never could get the hang of clay. 😛

  6. yeah, i like the little wonky one too…

  7. What about public sale, i like that crusty blue pot, too. What is the initial
    price? (+mailing). And that pink and grey cup too, is it good to use as a coffee cup?

  8. Thanks, but they’re not for sale, jussi. They’re crappy little pots, but they’re MY crappy little pots! 🙂

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