Bye Bye Flea Market

Pop Quiz: Which American state, according to the Department of Homeland Security, has the most potential terrorist targets?Answer: Indiana. That’s so weird and incorrect. Although if the Essenhaus gets blown up, the terrorists really will have won.


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  1. one day about two years ago – i did a search for “netdecisions” and “blogs” and came up with yours. me and my husband (you may remember him – paul h, the hr manager – my name is caro) have been following your blog for a while. it seems bizarre at times that we know your life now yet you don’t even kn ow we are watching. Anyway – congrats on :
    a) giving up a job u hate for a job u wanted to know about
    b) the courage to try acouple of different diets – and struggle and start again – and suceed – v inspiring (u look fantastic esp. in puffed sleeves)
    c) get married the way you wanted to
    d) be proud of all of the above


  2. I wonder if our Essenhaus is on the list—we’re second with 7,146 potential targets. I wonder if the person drawing up the list is from the midwest!

  3. Caro! Hello! I do remember you guys; I went to your leaving do not long after I started at ND. (It was the first time I’d ever had crispy duck pancakes.) I always think of you wearing an eToys jacket. 🙂

    Thanks for the lovely comments… I wonder how many other secret ND people are lurking around here!

  4. aww geez – Wisconsin’s a close runner up!

  5. Here’s another one – Amy Buckley (was Amy Reneker when you were here). I’m still at ND (we are Agilisys now). Got married in 2002, had a baby last year, and came back from maternity leave to work 3 days/week. Anyway, I’ve kept an eye on the blog and thought I’d say hi. You DO look fantastic! Congrats!!

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